These are the most sexual cities in the world

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Ever wondered where in the world women are having the best sex?

Now we know, thanks to Lazeeva, an adult entertainment app.

Weeks after releasing a study of the most sex-positive cities in the world, the company has taken a closer look at the data, revealing which cities around the globe have the most sexually active women.

Now, applying science to sex is their thing, so Lazeeva conducted a survey of more than 450,000 people, as well as sourcing data regarding contraception and gender equality from the UN and other international organisations. Participants in the survey were ages 18 to 70.

“For women to have good sex, it was determined that they must be sexually satisfied, have access to sex toys, have easy access to contraception and to live in a society with high levels of gender equality,” the press release states.

“This research formed part of a larger study, the world’s most sexual cities, in which 10 factors in total were researched. Every city in this ranking has been selected for their high standards of living for women.”

With Sydney just scraping in there at No. 50, and only a couple of other Aussie cities making the list, the results may surprise you.

The most sexual cities in the world for women, ranked

London, UK
Paris, France
Auckland, New Zealand
Los Angeles, California, USA
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Austin, Texas, USA
Brussels, Belgium
Basel, Switzerland
Liverpool, UK
Geneva, Switzerland
Berlin, Germany
San Francisco, California, USA
Zurich, Switzerland
Glasgow, UK
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Manchester, UK
Hamburg, Germany
Seattle, Washington, USA
New York City, New York, USA
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Melbourne, Australia
Ibia Town, Spain
Ghent, Belgium
Antwerp, Belgium
Miami, Florida, USA
Edinburgh, UK
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Leeds, UK
Cologne, Germany
Toronto, Canada
Marseille, France
Munich, Germany
Montreal, Canada
Utrecht, Netherlands
Calgary, Canada
Frankfurt, Germany
Helsinki, Finland
Portland, Oregon, USA
Oslo, Norway
Bristol, UK
Barcelona, Spain
Bergen, Norway
Madrid, Spain
Dublin, Ireland
Stockholm, Sweden
Brisbane, Australia
Vancouver, Canada
Leipzig, Germany
Sydney, Australia
Tilmann Petersen, CEO at Lazeeva, says: “At Lazeeva, we know the importance of a healthy, active and safe sex life for women, and living in an environment where an understanding, knowledge and respect of female sexuality is essential for this.

“We also believe in creating an inclusive and open space for female sexuality in the virtual world, and by opening a dialogue about potential concerns for women we hope to remove some of the taboos in the adult entertainment industry, creating something that all adults can safely enjoy, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.”