Dry Sex – Advanced Techniques For Non-Penetrative Orgasms

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Of all the kinds of Non-Penetrative Sex (NPS) dry sex is the most common. It is great for couples as it give a different kind of orgasm and because the feelings of clothing can give different kinds of stimulation depending on how rough or smooth it is.

Some people are happy just to have dry sex and not have sex. This is a personal choice, but it should not necessarily be a poor version of sex as it can make a great part of your sex life.

What is dry sex?

To define it, we have to remember that many people have different uses of the words. The definition we will be using is that it is simulated sex with some clothing between the genitals. Usually the motions will be similar to sex using hip thrusts or circular grinds of the hips. For the woman, grinding against the clitoris will give her the most pleasure. The guy will want to use her labia to massage his penis.

The advantage of this kind of foreplay is that there is very little pregnancy/ sex risk (There is a small risk of fluids getting through material, but this is low). The only big risk is that one partner gets carried away and start to have intercourse without protection! One risk that is real is cutting the penis or labia while grinding (Usually on a zip- trust me it is easier to do than you think!), this can cause bigger problems than expected as it causes lots of blood to be released with its inherent risks. Therefore be careful not to go too far!

The Grind

The dry sex grind is the best technique I have found for dry sex. This involves a circular motion of the hips to keep the maximum pressure on her clitoris at all times. This should be mixed with long and short pelvic thrusts. As always keep varying the stimulus as she warms up, then keep doing whatever she likes best more and more as she starts to orgasm. It is possible to have dry sex to orgasm this way if done right!

You can make this even better for her by placing a pillow or cushion beneath her hips so that they are elevated. This will make it a lot easier to grind directly onto the clitoris and give her more control over her orgasm. This technique also translates well into all other kinds of sex too.

Dry Sex Positions

The next step has sex and sexual touching involved, so the earlier statement about the low risk of STD and pregnancy definitely does not apply. Whatever protection you usually use should be carried out with these techniques.

1. The advanced dry sex grind. You can take advantage of the difference in feeling between skin-to-skin and clothing-to-skin touch to really give her great sex. Basically you will both strip down to your underwear and grind through the underwear. Make sure she is wearing something that can be easily moved aside, so that you can easily mix skin-to-skin dry sex and the clothing-to-skin variant. These two give different experiences for the girl and really increase her excitement.

2. Mix dry sex with ‘wet’ sex. The easiest way to do this is with a skirt. Obviously the skirt is going to get pretty dirty so do not wear any of your favorites. Basically you will mix dry sex with occasional penetration by lifting the skirt this can really drive her wild and is a great foreplay technique.


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